Kanye West Breaks Down Why He Bought 10,000 Acres Of Land & Explains His Vision To Build Futuristic Living

Kanye West has had a wild ride over the past couple years, politically, since he came out and openly labeled himself as a Trump supporter–complete with his own custom MAGA hat. Why? Because it wouldn’t be Kanye unless he completely blind-sided us with every choice he makes.

Musically, Kanye has transitioned into gospel music while providing his weekly Sunday Service gatherings and announcing he wouldn’t ever perform his old secular music again. On the financial side, Kanye went from being millions in debt to finally joining his “big brother” Jay-Z on the billionaire list. The billions didn’t come from music, but his Yeezy empire, which earned a multi-billion dollar evaluation

Shortly after the news of his company being worth billions, it was revealed that Kanye purchased a massive property in Wyoming. Then, not even a month later, he purchased a second massive ranch,adding up to over 10,000 acres of land owned by West family in Wyoming.

Recently, GQ spent three consecutive months with Kanye to get a peek inside his daily life after all the drastic changes over the past year. During the video’s interview portion, Kanye and GQ’s journalist, Will, sit down on one of his Wyoming ranches to discuss his plans for all the land he recently acquired.

In the video, Kanye explains why he purchased the properties, the square footage, and his vision for the property they are on along with how he will be working to change life from being inside the box to making it the norm to live outside of it.

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