Kanye Donates $1 Million To Some Of Kim K’s Favorite Organizations For His Wifey’s Birthday

Kanye Donates Money To Criminal Justice Reform Organizations In Honor Of Kim

What do you get the person who has everything? It’s the age old question that emphasizes how hard it is to buy a gift for someone whose already bought everything for themself–but Kanye West seems to have truly mastered the art of finding meaningful gifts for his wife.

October 21 marked Kim Kardashian’s 39th birthday. In addition to celebrating by going into Ulta stores and seeing her newly-launched KKW Beauty products on shelves, the reality star also posted pictures of some gifts she got for the special day. We’ve seen other high-profile couples give one another the same type of luxurious gifts every holiday–like the huge rock Offset gave Cardi recently, or the 100 different cars Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott gifted one another when they were together–but Kanye has always thought outside of the box in that department.

Kim K posted a photo to her Instagram story on Monday, which showcased a certificate of donation in her name. It reads, “a donation of $1 million has been made in your name by Kanye North Saint Chi and Psalm West to the following: Cut 50, Buried Alive Project, Equal Justice Initiative, Anti-Recidivism Coalition.”

We’ve all seen how passionate the Kardashian sister is about her recent efforts with criminal justice reform, so for Kanye to donate such a significant amount of money to some important organizations in the same field is as thoughtful as it gets. Getting a new whip or some extravagant jewelry must get old at some point, but thoughtful gifts like this are seriously as heartwarming as can be.

Plus–that $1 million is definitely being put to good use.

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