Kanye Confronts Kim Over Her ‘Sexy’ Outfits Hurting His ‘Soul And Spirit

Kanye West confronted his wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, over her sexy outfits during a recent episode of E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” West explained to Kardashian that while he used to think his wife should look like other girls who constantly show off their bodies, he now realizes that Kardashian’s revealing looks are negatively “affecting” his “soul and . . . spirit.”

West sparked the conversation while Kardashian was gearing up for the Met Gala. The 38-year-old’s nude-colored “wet” dress was comprised of a corset and plunging v-neck exposing much of her breasts.

The corset, underwear, all of that vibe, I just feel like I went through this transition from being a rapper, looking at all these girls, and then looking at my wife like, ‘Oh, my girl needs to be just like these other girls, showing her body off, showing this, showing that,’” West told his wife, according to BuzzFeed.

“I didn’t realize that that was affecting my soul and my spirit as someone that’s married and loved, the father of what’s about to be four kids,” he continued. “A corset is a form of underwear. It’s hot. It’s like, it’s hot for who though?”

Kardashian protested, telling West that he was giving her “really bad anxiety.”

“The night before the Met, you’re gonna come in here and say that you’re not into a corset vibe? You’re giving me really bad anxiety — what are you talking about?” she told her husband, adding, “You knew last night that I was having really bad anxiety, and I don’t need any more negative energy for you to now say that you’re not into me wearing a tight dress.”

You are my wife,” West told her, “and it affects me when pictures are too sexy.”

“You built me up to be this sexy person and have confidence and all this stuff, and just because you’re on your journey and you’re on a transformation, doesn’t mean that I’m in the same spot with you,” Kardashian retorted.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous,” West responded, before leaving the room. 

As argued by Kardashian, West has encouraged his wife’s signature sexy style in the past, telling Harper’s Bazaar in July 2016, “I love her nude selfies. … I feel like it’s almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.”

West’s apparent change of heart, however, coincides with his increasingly public life as a Christian. As reported by The Daily Wire in July, West said that his “radical obedience to Christ” helped stabilize his mental health. Moreover, earlier this year, the rap icon created “Sunday Service” events that include gospel music. 

“It’s honestly more like a healing experience for my husband. It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in — Jesus — and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience,” Kardashian told Elle magazine of the services. 

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