K Trina Sour Pussie Harbor and Love $ Flip Flop Cast Hit Back at Stevie J.’s ‘Bad Weaves’ Comment

It looks like Stevie J. is now in hot water with rap diva Trina and the rest of the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” cast. 

Stevie made some unflattering comments about the ladies of “LHHMIA” earlier this week. He attacked their appearances and urged them to retire their wigs and makeup. Although rapper Trick Daddy called the music producer out on his remarks, Trick’s cast mates had a few more words for their fellow VH1 stars.

Amid the taping for their “LHHMIA” reunion special, Trina arrived on camera with a long lace front wig and addressed Stevie J. in a video.

Dear Stevie J., you and every other man that has something to say about women’s hair, cut it out,” Trina said. “We don’t talk about ya’ll nappy-ass hair, y’all struggling beards that can barely connect or nothing else you guys have going on.”

She continued, “When I look at ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami,’ the cast, most of the women’s hair is laid, and we’re talking about mine. You will never catch my hair f–ked up. Always laid, always done by the best. Are you serious?”

Sukihana, a new addition to the show, said none of the viewers care about Stevie J. “no more since Joseline done left” him. Another one of the co-stars told him to “kiss” her “ass.” 

On Tuesday, the father of six tweeted, “Good morning! Ladies retire those lace fronts from love n hip hop Miami!” A day later, Trick Daddy responded to Stevie and threatened to “slap” him. 

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actor later clarified what he meant, saying, “I said what I said earlier in hopes to get the attention of executives who is handling hair and makeup for our beautiful Latina and Black women. And men for that matter.”

Social media users have had mixed reactions to the ordeal. 

“Hit dogs holla ? HE SAID WHAT HE TF HAD SAID ?? He told know lies, but what he did forget to do is send that PSA out to every LHH show. It’s not all the females, but each season got some chicks on there who wigs be bogus makeup as well, but go off ?”

“A message from the baddest ?? Trina always looks clasy and her hair is always on point”

“They mad ? if it wasn’t true why are you so mad. They are so bothered for nothing, fix your weaves and makeup. Simple! Stevie didn’t lie”

“He wasn’t lying tho …yeah after he said something it would be right now ???#Thank Him”

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