K. Michelle Faces Backlash For These Comments She Made About Black Market Surgery

Diva K. Michelle has decided to open up once more about her botched plastic surgery and has taken the opportunity to warn other women.

In an interview with DJ QuickSilva, the reality TV star got really raw about the body enhancements that led to a boatload of health issues forcing her to go through several painful surgeries for the removal of her butt injections procedure.

Note that Michelle did confess that she went through the black market to get “hydrogel injections” for a lower price, which explains the horrific side effects of her body modification.

The host told Michelle: “If there’s somebody right now having these self-esteem issues…she feels as though `I don’t look pretty enough’ or ‘I have to get these boobs” or “I have to get this butt…’. If K. Michelle could say something to make her feel beautiful or to make her feel loved, what would K. Michelle say?”

The R&B singer-songwriter responded by: “The way you’re going to look, having to get it out, is worse then you look now. I would speak hard truth because nowadays girls don’t want to hear the truth, nicely.”

The talented artist went on to say: “You don’t have to get work done to know it’s not good for you… Self-love is the best way. Do not listen to your insecurities because no one else is. If they don’t love you for you, they’re not for you.”

Many women do not approve of the lecture and have called the singer out because of her decision to have an unsafe or even illegal procedure.

One person had this to say: “Here is the thing about the K-Michelle’s these women get foreign/toxic/illegal/unsafe/back alley parts placed inside their bodies by a non-board certified surgeon because their own fat just isn’t enough they gotta get implants for a bigger more profound look. Stop bashing people who have the means to fix the things that they can safely change. Notice I said SAFELY !!!!”

This social media user shared: “I don’t think its always a self-esteem issue. You just may want to enhance something that might be small or big. Or replace something that’s not there.”

Another commenter stated: “There isn’t anything wrong with getting a bbl or breast lift or whatever any person decides to do with their body. There will always be risks, though, as do any other surgery. As long as it’s with a certified health care professional. I think she just needs to say, “I did a black market job because I was cheap, and the person who did it wasn’t certified.” So don’t do black market surgery, girls.”

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