K. Michelle Blasts Apryl Jones For Comment About ‘Exotic’ Women

Apryl Jones has wasted no time taking aim at those who disapprove of her relationship with her Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood co-star Lil Fizz. Now, it appears her former cast mate K. Michelle is taking issue with her latest outburst.

During the latest episode of the reality series, Apryl and Fizz confirmed their relationship to the rest of the cast, and Moniece Slaughter — Fizz’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he shares a child — tried to talk to the boy band member about their co-parenting issues. Fizz fired back, however, with claims that she is using their son to interfere with his personal life, and he even echoed Jones’ sentiment that she still has romantic feelings for him. 

While venting about the messy ordeal, Jones took the time to — once again — address those who aren’t here for their relationship, and K. Michelle took issue with one particular part of her rant.

People really want to know where my vagina is landing. My vagina’s happy. I am so happy,” she said while venting to Fizz. “Dreux [Fizz] was my friend. OK, so the f**k what? We happened to fall for each other. Like, life happens. And the same people that got something to say are the same people that are f*****g miserable that are the same people like, ‘Why is she with him?’ ‘Cause they want to f**k me.”

Her next new words are what took the “V.S.O.P.” singer aback.

“The same girls are like, ‘There’s so many exotic women out here. Why couldn’t you have f****d other exotic [women]?'” she continued. “Because they don’t do it like me!”

Clearly offended, K. Michelle took to Twitter to question Jones’ use of the term “exotic” to make her point.

“Exotic women?” she tweeted, according to Urban Belle Mag. “This b***h is a bird brain.”

Her tweet has since been deleted.

Jones is yet to expound on what she meant or address K. Michelle’s comment directly.

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