K. Michelle Accused Of Being “Obsessed” With Keyshia Cole

It’ll only be a matter of time before K. Michelleresponds to this. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Paris Phillips and Zellswag are best friends who are known for standing their ground during disagreements. They’ve engaged in fiery arguments with their fellow cast members, including Fizz and Apryl Jones which turned into a screaming match during a reunion special. The best buds don’t hold anything back, so when their nemesis K. Michelle was brought up during a recent interview, the pair made sure to go after the All Monsters Are Human singer.

Both Paris and Zellswag were recent guests on Fox Soul‘s series One on One with Keyshia Cole, and while chatting with the singer, they told her that K. was obsessed with her. Keyshia wanted to know why they’ve formed that opinion. Zell said that K. Michelle uses the “same type of stylist” and “same type of music,” while Paris added that once the singer found out she was friends with Keyshia, she wanted to get on her good side. 

K. Michelle was a recent guest on Fox Soul’s Out Loud with Claudia Jordan and didn’t seem to be exhibiting any obsessive behaviors while on the network’s set.

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