Just Pay’: 50 Cent Sends One of His ‘Big Neegas’ to Collect From Michael Blackson, Comedian Beefs Up Security

50 Cent is somewhat of a renaissance man, considering he’s a rapper, actor and executive producer on “Power.”Plus, he has his hands in multiple business ventures. 

But he could add the title of debt collector as well, because in the past he’s gone out of his way to collect money owed him. He’s done it with people like Bow Wow, Rotimi, TV producer Randall Emmett, as well as Teairra Mari, who’s he’s seemed to pester the most

And last month, Michael Blackson said he owed the rapper money, because he gave him some at a Hollywood, California, strip club. So to collect, 50 sent a huge bearded man to the comedian while he was eating at a restaurant with others.

You know what it is, Mike,” said the man in the video, posted by 50 on Wednesday. “Where the money at, bro?” 

“What money?” asked Blackson. “The money you owe 50 Cent,” the guy replied.The comedian then cracked a joke about 50 knowing a lot of big people, but the man didn’t seem to be in a laughing mood. Someone also said he’d pay the guy with Cash App.

Then Blackson said he’d only pay the rapper back $5, so the man grabbed him from his chair and told him to come outside.

50 captioned the video and wrote “@michaelblackson this wouldn’t keep happening if you just pay,” in which the comedian responded with, “Can you stop sending these big neegas, I have shows in CT and Boston next weekend and imma bring u the fucking money. 2 quarter ass neega.”

Blackson later posted a video on Wednesday and it showed him walking somewhere with several security guards.

“Had to beef up security since @50cent keeps sending big n—–s to shake me down. Never trust a n—a that’s only worth 2 quarters,” wrote the comedian next to the clip.

People had a lot to say about the owed money on 50 and Blackson’s page afterward.

“You worried about this dude paying you back? When no one else ever does,” someone wrote. “Could just stop handing money out like it’s candy.”

“You need to stopppp,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, on Blackson’s page, someone wrote “50 that broke that he keep sending security for his cash.”

But others questioned whether the restaurant incident was just a social media hoax.

“Idk if this real or not,” one person wrote under 50’s video.

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