Just Nasti…Antonio Brown shares text messages appearing to show doctor joking about farting incident

Antonio Brown on Wednesday shared a text message that appeared to be from the doctor who accused him of farting in his face repeatedly and laughing about it during a consultation in August 2018.

The New England Patriots wide receiver shared a text message chain which appeared to be from Dr. Victor Prisk. Brown also captioned the screenshot: “What a year difference” and “Do anything for clout

Prisk appeared to text Brown: “According to TMZ, I have a nose of Steel!” with several crying laughing emojis.

Brown responded with several crying emojis of his own: “Dam (sic) doc seeing u and we go viral dam I got to come more baby now we locked in!!!”

After Prisk responded with more emojis, Brown said: “Sorry doc meant so much u treating me like family I really appreciate u much ! We making YMZ icing on the cake.”

Prisk replied: “In deed! Funny as s—t, I was pretty stoic

The text messages appear to be from Aug. 27, 2018. Prisk appears to mention a TMZ story from August 2018, which said Brown was farting several times during his meeting with a wellness doctor. Prisk isn’t named in the TMZ story. Brown at the time blamed the fiber in his diet

Prisk runs an orthopedics and wellness facility in Monroeville, Pa., and blasted Brown in an interview with Sports Illustrated for what he called bizarre behavior during their initial meeting

It seemed just childish to me,” Prisk said of the incident with the then-Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face

Prisk’s allegations are a part of a Sports Illustrated report detailing the rape and sexual assault allegations made against Brown by his former trainer. On Monday, a second woman, an unnamed artist, alleged that Brown exposed himself to her while she was working on a mural for him at his Pittsburgh home in 2017.

Brown’s lawyer denied the assault allegations.

Despite being wary of Brown’s “flighty” reputation, Prisk said he took the initial meeting with the NFL star and subsequently took him on as a client. Now, the doctor is suing Brown for $11,500 in unpaid fees.

Prisk said whenever he would bring up the payments, for which he claimed they had an oral agreement that he would be paid $500 an hour, Brown would pivot to promises of the two going into business together.

“In his very first meeting with me he said, ‘I want to get you on salary, I want you on my team,'” Prisk said.

He tells you he’s going to make it totally worth your while,” Prisk added. “He’s gonna invest in your business, invest in you. You’re part of my family. Call God and all that. But he doesn’t do that, and he doesn’t even pay the bill

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