Judge Seizes Game’s Record Label And “Born 2 Rap” Royalties

The woman trying to collect a $7 million judgment from Game just won the rights to the rap star’s final album “Born 2 Rap” and his future royalties.

A woman trying to collect a massive $7 million judgment against Game just took control of the rap star’s independent label, LA Prolific.

Priscilla Rainey was just granted “any and all rights, title, and interest” in any money, property or future payments due to the record label, which was set up to release Game’s last album Born 2 Rap. 

Rainey is now the owner of now Born 2 Rap, the royalties from the record, and even any salary Game may have been paying himself through LA Prolific.

“All third parties who receive notice of this Order are directed to pay any and all money or property due, or to become due, under this Order, directly to Plaintiff either: (1) by check payable to “Priscilla Rainey,” and delivered to Plaintiff’s counsel” until the judgment is satisfied in full,” Judge Virginia A. Phillips stated.

And now, the situation could turn into a criminal case for Game.

According to Judge Phillips, if the rap star attempts to thwart the ruling and collect the money, he could be hit with a charge of contempt of court. 

Priscilla Rainey originally sued Game in 2015 after he allegedly rubbed his hand on her bare vagina during a taping of his hit reality show “She Got Game.” 

Game vehemently denied Rainey’s accusations. But he mocked the court when he missed a series of key court dates and decided to skip the trial entirely in 2016. 

In February of that year, a court awarded Rainey a judgment totaling $7,130,100. 

An appeals court upheld the decision against Game in October of 2019 and directed the rap star to pay Rainey the full $7 million.

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