Judge Orders Rapper Rocko To Pay $10K In Suit Over House Flip Gone Wrong

Rapper Rocko has lost a lawsuit accusing him of causing thousands in damages to a neighbor’s property after bailing on a house flip job, BOSSIP has learned.

Last week, a Georgia judge found Rocko guilty by default after he failed to respond to his neighbor Minnie Lindsey’s lawsuit.

Lindsey sued Rocko – whose real name is Rodney Hill – for negligence back in May 2019, accusing the U.O.E.N.O. rapper of abandoning a construction job on the property next door to her – but not before causing some $15,000 in damages to her place.

According to court papers obtained by BOSSIP, Lindsey said that Rocko bought the home next to hers in 2017 and started construction on it. However work stopped about a month later, and Lindsey noticed that her brick retaining wall was removed without her permission.

Lindsey’s wall had been securing her property’s fence, and it has since caved in, court papers state. Rocko initially hired a contractor to replace the wall, but abandoned the project when it was partially completed, possibly because he ran out of money, Lindsey’s lawyer, Jenaye Peterson, told BOSSIP.

In total, Rocko now owes $6,741 for the damage, $2,500 in attorney fees and $391 in court costs, documents show.

BOSSIP’s efforts to reach Rocko were unsuccessful.

Lindsey, a senior citizen and avid gardener, went to great lengths to locate Rocko and serve him with the suit. Peterson, Lindsey’s lawyer, tracked him to Birmingham, AL, where he was making a club appearance and got a process server to hand him the lawsuit.

Rocko, who has a son with singer Monica, acquired the previously abandoned property to try to flip it, but may have run out of money for the renovation, Peterson said, adding that the site is now once again abandoned and vandalized.

This isn’t the only legal battle Rocko is facing. We exclusively revealed that the state of Georgia’s Attorney General sued him over the paternity of a little girl. He has not responded to that case.

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