Jordyn Woods Gains Weight During Quarantine – Twitter Calls Her ‘Extra Thick’

Jordyn Woods, the infamous former BFF of Kylie Jenner, was spotted by paparazzi yesterday as she visited her local Erewhon Organic grocery store. That’s the grocery store of choice, for much of Hollywood’s rich and famous.

Jordan brought her little sister Jodie along as the two ladies shopped for some groceries. The sister duo wore matching protective masks and comfy athleisure wear for the grocery run.

But one thing was definitely different about Jordyn, she clearly put on a few pounds -and it’s all in the right places.

Jordan was always a curvy gal. But now she’s a lot more Insta-model curvy. And the men on Twitter are noticing.

And here are some responses taken from Twitter:

Jordyn look like she stole two hams from the store and stuck them in the back of her leggings

Kylie looking like trash lately, Jordyn’s winning

Is that all real. She had a body shape before

No stomach, big everything else.

Dents and Craters

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