Joe Budden’s Faked Split w/ Baby Mama Cyn For Love & Hiphop Clout!!

The new season of Love & Hip Hop NY aired yesterday, and one of the storylines of the show is Joe Budden ending relationship w/ his baby’s mother Cyn Santana. 

Joe and Cyn allegedly split in the Spring (when filming of Love & Hip Hop NY began), but now MTO News can confirm that the two are back together.

Actually, it’s not clear to us that the two were ever apart. And a producer of the VH1 top-rated show tells us that the split may have been “faked.”

Here’s a pic of Joe and Cyn last night, watching the premiere of the show at their New Jersey home, looking very much like a couple:

How could the two have gotten back together, with all the “cheating” allegations and such?

Well, one person close to production told us that Joe and Cyn’s split up was all CAP . . . they faked a split so that the two could have a storyline.

The producer explained, “Joe and Cyn never split, at least I don’t think so. They always looked like a couple to us [in production].” She continued, “And the Tahiry [and Joe] storyline is also fake. Joe didn’t seem interested in her [romantically] even in the slightest.”

This new season of Love & Hip Hop NY is also running a storyline – where Tahiry and Joe are considering getting back together. Our insider says that the storyline is also CAP.

 Here’s a video of Tahiry, watching the premiere of Love & Hip Hop, at a New York restaurant

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