Joe Budden Likes Looking At Dick..Recalls Wild 1st Date Story At A SWINGERS CLUB During IG Live Chat With Chanelle Mauricette

Could you have a first date a swingers club, let alone enter one?! That’s light work to Joe Budden. The podcaster recalls taking a first date to a swingers club on a recent IG live session with psychologist Chanelle Mauricette, and the conversation got spicy. Joe has been single for a year now, he says, although he doesn’t specify when the date occurred. He does mention that the swingers club is located in Atlanta and yes, strangers were having sex in the open while he enjoyed the view with a woman he just met.

That was my first date with this person and we were going to people watch. We weren’t going to actually have sex.”

Joe clarifies to Chanelle, who is locked into this story, that he didn’t actually have sex at the club nor did he have sex with the woman in general, the site of other people getting it on was quite enough.

Her and I never ended up having sex. But visually, we were stimulated by the same things.”

Joe speaks about enjoying the swingers club on the first day, starting around the 14-minute mark.

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