Joe Budden: ‘I Asked Slaughterhouse To Replace Me!!’

Joe Budden, one-fourth of the mighty rap group Slaughterhouse, has revealed that he once urged the group to replace him.

For those who don’t know, Joe has had a rocky relationship with his rap crew and has also stated several times that he has retired from the rap game.

Joe sat down with Freddie Gibbs for his new episode of The Pull Up, where he explained his reasons for wanting a replacement:

“I can’t speak for why they’re not doing it. When I suggested that they find probably another rapper to take my place and still put out music, they didn’t think that was the greatest idea, and that was years ago. That might’ve changed. But my fight, with that even, without the extra Eminem bullsh*t is just ownership,” he shared.

I cannot devote this much of my time to a project, eat a fourth from the project, and then it have to go up the chain of command? I gotta make sure all these n*ggas are making sure our project do what it gotta do, and then we gettin’ the scraps from the bottom? That was my fight. We an independent outfit.” 

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