Jim Jones & Partner Chrissy Lose NJ Mansion To Foreclosure; House Sold At Auction For $100

Dip Set Rapper Allegedly Owes $1.2 Million On Mortgage

His hit song may be “Ballin,” but a lawsuit against rapper Jim Jones claims he’s far from it.

Jones and his long term love Chrissy Lampkin have had their New Jersey mansion foreclosed on and sold at auction, BOSSIP has learned.

The U.S. National Bank Association sued the reality star couple back in 2017 for allegedly failing to pay their mortgage since 2010. According to the complaint, Jones bought the house in 2006, and took out a $680,000 mortgage with a 6.875 percent interest rate. He agreed to make monthly payments of $4,467

However, the bank said Jones stopped paying it almost ten years ago, and under the terms of his mortgage, if he went into default the entire amount would be due.

Last year, the bank said it reached an agreement with Jones and Lampkin to pay the debt and get the home out of foreclosure. However, the deal must’ve fallen through because eight months later, the bank asked the court to issue a final judgment against the couple.

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