Jillian Michaels Doubles Down on Lizzo Comments: ‘I Would Hope We Prioritize Our Health’

Jillian Michaels is doubling down on her comments about Lizzo’s weight, writing in a tweet that she “would hope we prioritize our health.”

The former “Biggest Loser” coach came under fire on social media Wednesday after appearing on Buzzfeed’s “AM to DM” show and suggested that Lizzo’s body positivity wasn’t a thing to be celebrated.

“Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? Why aren’t we celebrating her music? ‘Cause it isn’t going to be awesome if she gets diabetes,” Michaels shared. “I’m just being honest. I love her music, my kid loves her music, but there’s never a moment when I’m like, ‘I’m so glad she’s overweight.’ Why do I even care? Why is it my job to care about her weight?”

Michaels’ critics accused her of body-shaming the pop star and weighing in on her health without facts to back up the assertion that Lizzo could be at risk for diabetes.

“As I’ve stated repeatedly, we are all beautiful, worthy, and equally deserving,” Michaels wrote in her tweet. “I also feel strongly that we love ourselves enough to acknowledge there are serious health consequences that come with obesity – heart disease, diabetes, cancer to name only a few. I would never wish these for ANYONE and I would hope we prioritize our health because we LOVE ourselves and our bodies.”

Michaels, along with Bob Harper, was one of the original trainers on the NBC weight-loss competition “The Biggest Loser,” appearing on multiple seasons throughout the show’s run. She also hosted a short-lived spinoff series “Losing It With Jillian” in 2010.

USA announced last spring that it had tapped Harper to host a reboot of “The Biggest Loser,” which is set to premiere later this year. Michaels is not involved.

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