Jennifer Hudson Claims People Tell Her She Looks Like Megan Thee Stallion, Fans Disagree

It looks to some like Jennifer Hudson may just be Megan Thee Stallion‘s doppelgänger.

The “Dreamgirls” actress took to Instagram on Thursday, April 30, and posted a text convo she’d received from a male friend. He’d sent her a picture message of rapper Megan Thee Stallion, saying that he’d mistaken the “Savage” rapper for Hudson.

So I woke up to this text from my friend @lancetate1 today saying he thought this was me for a second,” Hudson explained. “So I decided to pull up a few pic and see, I get this a lot.”

She added, “What do [y’all] think? @theestallion hey she cute !!!!!. I wonder if she does too?!”

A few of Hudson’s fans claimed the two musicians looked just alike.

Yes!! You could be sisters ?”

“You know what. When I met her I said she favors you. Absolutely!! Two very beautiful women”

Others disagreed and said the two stars didn’t resemble one bit.

Your friend was sleepy I see no resemblance both beautiful women but I see no resemblance other than the hair”

“They said “Cool It Effie” ???”

“I’m here for the comments… #Disrespect everywhere? go head and clock out for me baby ?”

“Now Jennifer…. ? Stevie wonder sent that false alarm”

Megan never responded to Hudson’s post. 

As of now, the Houston native is too busy enjoying the success of her “Savage” remix featuring the music queen herself, Beyoncé.

The two musicians broke the internet on Wednesday, April 29, after they released their collaboration together. Megan couldn’t have been happier to have Queen Bey team up with her. 

“I’m literally crying ? being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS this s–t means EVERYTHING to me !!!!” she wrote via Instagram. “SAVAGE REMIX FT THE QUEEN @BEYONCE OUT NOW! All the artist proceeds of the song goes to @breadoflifehou to support our city during this pandemic! ?????? HOTTIES WE UP ??”

Fans congratulated the 25-year-old on the major music collaboration.

Truly amazing! Your career is on some next level s–t ?”

“Omg omg I have chills all over my bodyyyyyyyy. Congrats siiiis lmao. Nothing can beat a Beyoncé ft !!! Idc idc. You killed it as usual.”

“I just fainted ???? So proud of u Meggggg!!!”

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