Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a conflict of Colin Kaepernick interest

Colin Kaepernick. Big career in this country he can’t respect. Big fame from this country he can’t respect. Big NFL settlement in this country, which can pay an orthopedic specialist to mend the knee that can’t bend to honor this country he can’t respect.

The kerfuffle brings up how come Jay-Z, with tight connection to Colin, OK’d his big pal’s deal-making with the biiig NFL. How come Jay-Z didn’t back up big bro Colin’s all-time big-time attitude? Jay-Z’s mouth never opened.

Why? Because his Roc Nation company’s in bed with the NFL. Also with Disney. Disney owns a majority chunk of ESPN, which fights for the right to show more NFL games. Pay attention. Beyoncé, the missus, is the queen of Disney’s latest version of bigmoney “The Lion King.” Translation: She gets percentage, soundtrack, recording, points. We’re talking large money.

Beyoncé’s opening her golden throat to sing for Disney, and Jay-Z’s opening his 18-karat bank account with the NFL. So those mouths are shut because those banks are open. Everyone got a payday. All — but the brotherhood — are happy

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