Janelle Monae Reveals She Got Mercury Poisoning From Her Pescatarian Diet

Janelle Monae, during a new conversation with The Cut, revealed that she actually became ill as a consequence of fish she ate while on a pescatarian diet. The singer-songwriter said to the outlet that she began to feel her “mortality,” revealing, additionally, that she actually became sick with mercury poisoning.

In case you didn’t know, a pescatarian diet consists mostly of fish, vegetables, fruits, and other seafood as the main source of amino acids and protein.

The World Health Organization, reportedly, states that mercury, which is often found in low quantities in seafood, can become extremely toxic when it accumulates over time in a human’s system. The 34-year-old told her story to The Cut while explaining her hopes to have children.

The star claims she wants to become healthy again before she even considers to have kids. However, she had to give it a rest for a while on account of her illness. Fans of the singer-songwriter know she has been candid about her desire to have children in the future.

Back in April 2018, for instance, Monae shared that she still wants to have kids, but for years, she was so focused on her career that she didn’t plan the way she should’ve. The star claims the fact she may struggle to get pregnant now is something that really concerns her.

According to Page Six, she spoke with Fault Magazine who asked her what her biggest fear was. Monae said at the time that she really wanted to have a family, but often worries she took too long to make it happen.

Monae added that when she does have children someday, she wants her kids to have even bigger dreams than she had. She hopes her children will try and “conquer the world.” During the same interview, Monae also shared how being a perfectionist can often inhibit one’s creative process.

The star added that she has continuously worked on moving away from a perfectionist mindset. Fans of the singer know she’s notoriously private and prefers not to have her name in the headlines.

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