Jaden Smith Calls Parents Will And Jada Out Over The Uncomfortable Public Intervention They Staged Amid Worries He’s Too Thin!

Jaden’s parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, were really worried about his health since it seems like he’s too thin to the point that it’s unhealthy! That being said, they decided that the best way to approach the situation would be to stage an intervention!

Now, the 21 year old talks about it, admitting that he was made really uncomfortable by it.

What made it even worse than it would normally be was that Will and Jada did it on Red Table Talk, which means that they aired his health problems to their whole audience without even getting his approval beforehand!

This happened back in September, when the parents expressed their concerns over Jaden becoming too thin and seemingly unhealthy after adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

Now, three months after that public intervention, Jaden confronted Will and Jada, telling them that the episode had a harmful effect on his life.

‘After that episode, I walk in the street and people were like, ‘Oh my god! Are you sick? Can I pick you up? Could I get you some water?’ [They would] Come up to me like, ‘You can have my food, man.’ I am here eating too. I’m good, I am fine.’

At the time, Jada called him ‘unrecognizable’ after becoming vegetarian.

Both parents went on to express their concerns, saying things like: ‘He was just wasting away. He looked drained, he was depleted, he was not getting the nutrients. He had dark circles under his eyes, there was even a bit of grayness to his skin. We got very nervous.’

During the new episode, the whole family got health tests and shared the results.

As it turns out, there is nothing to worry about as Jaden is doing fine!

While he may have nutritional deficiencies, they are not a result of his diet but rather of his sensitive stomach.

The doctor invited on the show explained that ‘you take a few supplements, everything’s back to normal. You’re going to rock the world.’

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