Ja Rule Has Been Legally Cleared In The Fyre Festival Lawsuit

Ja Rule is out here winning and just last week, he got another W on his score card.

Luckily for the rapper, a judge has officially dismissed an appeal filed by the disgruntled Fyre Festivalattendees through the law firm of Geragos & Geragos. The appeal was an effort to rope the rapper back into a $100 million class-action lawsuit against Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland and all of the rest responsible for the disaster of a music festival back in 2017.

Judge Kevin Castel sided with Ja Rule and Fyre Festival chief marketing officer Grant Margolin earlier this month, determining that the two parties were both unaware of the inner workings going on in preparation for the festival, despite the fact that they promoted the event. Shortly after that decision, an appeal to include Rule’s name on the suit was filed, which the court just denied.

In a statement obtained by AllHipHop, Ja Rule’s lawyer, Ryan Hayden Smith, pointed a finger at a string of rulings that prove “nothing short of a total vindication” for the rapper.

In July, the Court dismissed all Fyre Festival claims against Mr. Atkins,” the statement said. “After this loss, plaintiffs’ law firm Geragos & Geragos appealed that decision. Today, the Court denied their appeal. This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication of Mr. Atkins.”

Althought Rule’s name has now been completely cleared, legal matters are still piling up for his former business partner, Billy McFarland. In 2018, he was sentenced to six years in federal prison for fraud, along with being ordered to pay back $26 million to festival investors. Earlier this year, McFarland was ordered to pay another $2.8 million to EHL Funding, a company that also loaned him money to help fund Fyre Festival.

We’re sure Ja Rule is happy to have that chapter in his life behind him.v

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