It’s About To Be A Girl Fight: LisaRaye’s Story Of Almost Smacking Stacey Dash Is Tearing Twitter Apart

Lisa Vs. Stacey Dash

LisaRaye’s interview series with TV One has been on fire. First she talked about Duane Martin ruining her marriage with his thirsty dirty dog ways. Then she talked about the time she and Stacey Dash had a spat that resulted in the famous Fox News caucasian getting kicked off of the show. If you recall, LisaRaye and Dash were on a show called “Single Ladies” and Dash was reportedly hard to deal with.Stacey auditioned for Single Ladies. Something took a turn one night when we were filming and she put her finger up in my face and she said, ‘You don’t tell me anything! Every bit of South Side Chicago was brewing up in here. That made me go, ‘Stacey, if you don’t get your finger out my face’ but that was all I had to say,”

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