‘It was a disaster’: Fans slam Janet Jackson and accuse her of lip syncing AGAIN at RNB Friday concert

Word On The Curb…Janet Is Tired And Threw!

Fans walked out of an RNB Friday event in droves on Friday night just two songs into Janet Jackson’s headlining performance.

Furious concertgoers accused the 53-year-old singer of lip syncing during her performance in Brisbane. 

They also slammed the Black Eye Peas for starting their set 30 minutes late. 

It comes just a week after fans slammed Ms Jackson’s performance at the RNB Friday sister event in Perth on November 8.  

Reveller Stuart Watson told The Sunday Mail that Ms Jackson’s set was a ‘disaster’.

When Janet Jackson came on it was just a disaster,’ he said.

‘Her sound was just terrible. She would be singing and then all of a sudden just do random stuff.’

Stacey-Anne Ritchie said she had never seen so many people walk out of a concert.

Video footage showed Ms Jackson performing but she does not sound out of breath despite jumping around on stage. 

While many blasted the sound quality not everyone agreed with the negative sentiments.

‘I cant believe all of the people bagging the artists,’ one woman wrote.

‘I can’t fault them and as for Janet Jackson I think we need to remember shes not 20-something anymore and with her choreography singing would be hard.’

The woman also commended Jason Derulo and the Black Eye Peas.  

Another said they had nothing but respect for the Black Eye Peas.

‘[They] held up the Aboriginal flag when they sung Where Is The Love. The respect you showed tonight touched a lot of hearts,’ the man wrote. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Southern Cross Austereo, Frontier Touring and Illusive Presents for comment. 

Following Ms Jackson’s performance in Perth last week Pamela Lewis, 34, said she was disappointed with the show. 

It was the worst performance of the night and probably the worst I’ve seen,’ Ms Lewis said.

‘Once [Jackson] was on stage she started lip syncing and it was so obvious she was dancing around trying to move the mic over her lips so we couldn’t see and she kept putting her hair over her face.’

‘Everyone started leaving and everyone was saying how disappointing it was.’

Some suggested Jackson’s microphone might have been off making it look like she was lip syncing.

Ms Lewis disagreed and said the star’s timing was all wrong.

‘She was out of time for sure. We left when she tried to sing Together Again.’

Cherie Mathews said Jackson’s mouth didn’t match the screen and hundreds of people left during the Melbourne show on Saturday.

‘I looked at my sister and said ‘what the f***?’,’ she said.

‘People on level two and three were chanting for the Black Eyes Peas to come back on while Janet Jackson was playing.’

Other furious fans commented on the Facebook event page with the same complaint.

Janet Jackson’s performance was shameful… Sorry to say but she should be axed,’ said a Perth audience member. 

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