Is Young Thug Upset With French Montana For Harassing His Wifey Jerrika Karlae?

Young Thug has been dragging French Montana all over the internet for the past 24 hours leaving fans confused, but has he been WAITING to fade French over his woman?

The beef appeared to start online after French Montana audaciously said he had more “hits” that rapper Kendrick Lamar. Fans joked on French for believing his own lies and then Young Thug jumped in, slam-dunking on him.

Stupid a– n—- think he got more hits than Kendrick Lamar”

French responded, poking fun at Thug’s appearance. That’s when Thug went in on him, calling French a “pu**y” for clowning for wearing a dress in his “No Stylist” video.

Get outta your feelings I’m just speaking from the artist standpoint. You don’t got nowhere near more hits than no motherf—–’ Kendrick Lamar.

That’s what I get for f*cking with ni**as like you. I wore that dress in your video just to show love and support. I thought it was love. It’s ok, I know you smoke dope.”

It seems like Thug wanted to keep his opinion from an artist standpoint but French pushed buttons. Maybe Thug was having flashbacks to last summer? Jerrika Karlae, Young Thug’s longtime girlfriend blasted French Montana to her followers for being a thirst bucket while they were both at the same video shoot. She says that despite knowing she was taken, he kept insisting she give up her number

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