Is Eminem Gay?

Eminem is nothing if not a firebrand. And, over the course of his career, his homophobic lyrics have drawn criticism from various corners of the pop culture zeitgeist — though his newest leaked song, “What If I Was Gay,” has caused a new question to pop up: is Eminem gay?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III is a man that needs no introduction. Born in Detroit, Michigan, the man who would become known as Eminem first broke through to the mainstream in 1997, when his Slim Shady EP caught the attention of Dr. Dre. The former NWA rapper signed the rising star to his then-fledgling label, Aftermath Records, after he defected from the problematic Death Row Records. Today, Eminem has sold more than 230 million albums worldwide, and is considered one of the greatest — and most influential — rappers of all time. 

But his latest leaked track — a joint track with Joyner Lucas called “What If I Was Gay” — has opened up the floodgates of rumors, yet again. Here’s what we know about the question: Is Eminem gay? 

1. He admitted to using Grindr in the past. 

Grindr is a well-known dating app for gay men, and according to NME, Eminem claimed to use the app to find “dates” after his divorce from his wife, Kim, was finalized. Fans weren’t sure if Eminem was being serious, or joking, at the time. 

2. Eminem has been criticized for his use of homophobic slurs in his music. 

“It’s astonishing, really, that after 30 years in the game Eminem, who began rapping when he was 14, still hasn’t found a new insult. Better yet, one that doesn’t slur a person based on their sexuality. What really grates, though, is that Kamikaze is only a reminder that while Tyler [rapper Tyler, the Creator, whom Eminem took aim at in the song “Fall” off the Kamikaze album] is still banned from the UK, Eminem will continue to rake in millions from record sales and touring in Britain without repercussions for a two decade-long career of verbally abusing minorities,” said The Independent.

3. He’s good friends with Elton John. 

Elton John is one of the most popular, and most openly gay, men in the music industry today. It would stand to reason then that he wouldn’t be friends with someone who is a homophobe. According to Refinery29, Elton John first befriended Eminem when they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards together, and struck up a long-term friendship. In fact, they’re so close that not only did Eminem send John a gift of matching cock rings to celebrate his marriage to David Furnish, but John has become Eminem’s A.A. sponsor.

4. Eminem has apologized for his use of homophobic slurs in the past … but used one again in 2018. 

According to Pink News, even though Eminem has apologized for the use of homophobic slurs in the past — most notably to Caitlin Jenner, whom he referred to as a “little b*tch,” amongst other things we can’t reprint here — he used one again in 2018. On the song “Fall,” which can be found on his Kamikaze album, Eminem refers to the rapper Tyler, The Creator, by a homophobic term for gay men. 

5. “What If I Was Gay” leaked track

The “leaked” track which started this whole round of rumors is out now.

6. Is Eminem gay?

Through his representatives, Eminem made clear that he is not, in fact, gay. In the past, according to Metro, Eminem has also made clear that he’s heterosexual. 

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