SHEREE WHITFIELD ON THE OUTS WITH Prison BF.. Show Almost Put Him Back in Prison!!!

Word On The Curb..

Sheree Whitfield is not on speaking terms with her boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams … because her reality TV career almost cost him his freedom.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the ‘RHOA’ star and Tyrone — who’s currently sentenced to home confinement — have not spoken since a November 6 incident, when Sheree told Tyrone she was leaving NYC to go visit him in Philadelphia.

The trouble started a few hours before they were scheduled to meet … because Sheree told Tyrone she would have an ‘RHOA’ camera crew with her when she got to town.

Making matters worse, this photo started circulating online … showing Sheree sitting alone at a Philly restaurant. Eagle-eyed fans noticed 2 menus on the table — not to mention the camera crew — and assumed Tyrone was there shooting scenes.

Although he wasn’t, he was worried about the optics with the courts.

As we first told you … when Sheree returned to ‘RHOA,’ she made it clear she wanted her relationship with Tyrone to be a big storyline — but that seems derailed now. Since the incident in Philly, we’re told they have not spoken, and there’s been no apology from either side.

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