Yellow Bone Confirms DaBaby Is DaDaddy Of Her Seed He Still Aint Claimed…

Word Round The Abortion Clinic .. Yellow Bone really wants y’all to know DaBaby is DaFather.

And Weeeeeeeeee Don’t Careeeeeee…

And He Don’t Either 🔨🔨🔨

DaBaby is currently getting canceled left and right, which would make most logical people associated with the rapper to distance themselves for their own good.

And then, there’s Yellow Bone, who is pregnant with a baby we all assumed was his, but had no real confirmation…until now from her.. Still not from him. So, as the Carolina native is getting rightfully roasted for his homophobic comments and various doubling down follow-ups, his alleged baby mama is sending out a bat signal to cash in on some of this (any publicity is good) publicity.

The Saddest Baby Moma Alive posted a picture showing off her growing baby bump on Instagram, and in the caption, she seemingly confirmed what we all already knew. Simply using the hashtag “#dabiggest,” she waited until 75% of the internet was in a furious rage over the rapper to confirm him as the provider of DaSemen sample. And he Still Don’t Caaaareeee

As if that wasn’t proof enough, her caption even matches a tweet from DaBaby a few days prior, which he sent out as he tried to promote that new song and music video of his that rips off Lil Nas X, unprovoked.

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