WEEPY WENDY WENDELL Crying Again..Breaks Down In Tears And Says Her Show Is A Mess..

Wendy revealed in Hot Topics: “Let me tell you something right now, and I will not cry cause it’s very emotional. Bernie, me and all the top people at Lifetime- we have a date for the coming out. I don’t want to say.”

Bernie Young is Wendy’s manager, who she hired last spring after she fired her ex-husband Kevin Hunter from the role.

She went on: “I’ll say this. You’ll see advertisements the Saturday after Thanksgiving…”

Wendy continued: I say to Bernie either people will love me or hate me, Bernie… I said a lot in that movie. The movie is wrapped they’re all gone from Vancouver.

She then stopped gather herself and slapped her face and added: “Oh wow, that’s loud. Oh my god. What the slappy black is going on?”

Wendy concluded: “But I can just only tell you this. Bernie was like they’re going to love you after this. I spilled my truth. That is it. That is it. And the actors and actress in the movie, they did the best. And I can’t say anything more other than what a mess.”

She then joked: “This is such a stupid show. When I watch it back later in the afternoon, I watch with a critical eye, but I watch and say, what a mess.”

Wendy served as executive producer on the film, which will cover her rise to fame in the radio world and then with her talk show.

Along with the movie, Lifetime will also show a feature-length documentary, starring Wendy.

Last month, Wendy made an emotional entrance for her season 12 show premier. 

She choked up as she dabbed her eyes and fanned her face.

Wendy said as she kicked off Hot Topics: “I’m so happy to be back. It’s been a long seven months for us here at Wendy, and I’m sure for you too. You know it’s been since March… and what a mess

It’s been a difficult year for Wendy as she and ex-husband Kevin Hunter of 22 years finalized their divorce in January.

The exes, who share a son, recently sold their New Jersey mansion for the cutdown price of $1.5 million.

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