Cardi Flea Back On Her Dog…

Cardi B has confirmed that she has reconciled with husband Offset, but says the split was not for attention.

“When people be saying I be doing sh*t for attention, with this and that, no, I’m just a crazy bitch. One day I’m happy, the next day I wanna beat a n*gga up,” she explained. I just be starting to miss [him]… It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no d*ck.”

She continued, “I know I’m not bipolar ’cause I took a test.”

It was clear to most that Cardi and Offset had reconciled during her birthday celebrations. Offset presented Cardi with a luxury car. Cardi later admitted they were in bed together when she accidentally posted a topless photo of herself while drunk.

“I do like material things. What do you want me to do? The n*gga gave me a Rolls-Royce and I snuff him? And I really wanted some d*ck for my birthday

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