Chileeeeee…..Yaya Mayweather Reveals NBA Youngboy Pregnancy Months After Allegedly Stabbing His Baby Mama

Word On The Curb…The 20-year-old daughter of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is causing a stir online after revealing her huge, pregnant belly. Yaya Mayweather resurfacing with a burgeoning belly reminded folks that the young woman is still facing charges after allegedly attacking another young woman, Lapattra Jacobs, 24, with a knife earlier this year over her rapper boyfriend. Now fans fear she’s pregnant with the boyfriend’s child.

Iyanna Mayweather revealed her very pregnant belly in a TikTok video. No one knows for certain but, do you think this is NBA Youngboy’s baby?

Yaya, who is still facing 99 years in prison for allegedly stabbing on of his baby mothers, was arrested earlier this year in Texas over the attack. The state of Texas ain’t playing when it comes to pursuing aggravated assault charges against Floyd Mayweather’s daughter. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim reported that she suffered nerve damage and had been undergoing extensive therapy for her stabbed arm.

There is no indication that NBA and YaYa are even still together. Over the summer, he flaunted another girl on his Instagram page. He has since deleted his personal accounts off of social media and so has YaYa.

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