Chileeeeeee…..Jaguar Wright Accuses Diddy Of Making R&Bs Christopher Williams ‘Give Him Head’

Word On The Curb…R&B singer Jaguar Wright posted a video this morning where she claimed that legendary music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs forced one of his 1990s artists, R&B singer Christopher Williams to give him “head.”

Jaguar has been on a TEAR recently, making explosive claims left right and center against some of the biggest stars in the world of hip hop.

Last month she accused rapper/actor Common of sexual assault. And last week, she claimed that Mary J Blige was a secret lesbian.

But this latest allegation is WAY more explosive than the others and sounds off the wall. According to Jaguar, Christopher Williams and Diddy were allegedly secret gay lovers.

aguar claims that she received this information from an unnamed “entertainment lawyer” who used to work for Diddy.

Jaguar claims that the female attorney walked in on Diddy, and Christopher appeared to be performing a sex act on his boss.

So far neither Diddy nor Christopher Williams has responded specifically to the allegation. But in the past, both men have said in past interviews that they are 100% straight.

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