Kelis Gives Birth To A Baby Girl,

I just had my baby,” said Kelis noting that she’s been MIA on social media. “I’m generally a really private person with my personal life but I wanted to bring my fam in to talk about all of these women’s things that we go through. Going through my journey to like pulling it back together, my snapback and self-care because I get asked a lot of questions about that.”

“I can’t work out for the next six weeks and if I don’t want to resort to wearing spandex for the rest of my life. I want to show you how I plan to get back into my high waisted jeans with just food, no exercise since I can’t yet.”

“I was 236, I was a big girl,” said Kelis before standing up to show Instagram viewers her body. “I’ve got about 50 to 60 pounds left to lose to get back into my high waisted jeans and my snapback.”

Kelis shares a son, Knight, with her ex-hubby Nas and a son, Shepherd, with her husband Mike, a real estate agent she’s been married to since 2014.

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