Teyana Taylor’s Husband Sends Inappropriate Message To Lori The Slore Harvey!!

Word On The Curb… Lori Harvey upstaged EVERYONE at Teyana Taylor’s baby shower earlier this week. Well, Teyana Taylor’s husband Iman Shumpert seems to have noticed.Teyana’s husband is going viral, after posting some very intimate messages to his wife’s best friend, Lori Harvey.

Teyana’s husband is NBA baller Iman Shumpert – who is known as much for his love of thots, as he is for his skills on the basketball court. In fact, he’s rumored to have cheated on Teyana multiple times during their marriage.

Now, Lori and Teyana have known each other for years – and are the best of friends. But Teyana is not the only one within her marriage who shows open affection for Lori. 

In one social media post, Iman calls Lori a “beautiful soul” whom he “unconditionally loves.” Perhaps Iman is a poetic guy who is misunderstood, but many on Twitter think it’s bizarre for a woman’s husband to talk about how much he “loves” her best friend. And some think Teyana needs to go upside his head with a frying pan. Chileeeeeee

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