Word On The Curb..Cardi & Megan’s Song WAP Is TRASH’

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B released their long awaited collaboration WAP last night, and the video is getting mixed reviews.

Generally, Twitter seems to LOVE the visuals from the WAP video. But it hates the song.

The video starts out with the outside view of a lavish mansion, which includes floral arches, cobblestone pathways, and a fountain depicting two naked women (Cardi & Megan).

The viewer is eventually led up the steps of the mansion, which are flooded with water. The camera makes its way past the white doors and the music video’s title card busts into the frame.

Cardi and Megan burst onto the set donning matching chiffon leotards – in opposite colors – that featured dramatic trains.

We The People Say.. All Them Hoes Should Just Do Porn..Tired Threw & Delayed .. In That Orderrrrrr

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