Benzino Punches Out Jail Inmates Tooth!!

Benzino was not in jail for very long after he was arrested for attacking ex, Althea Heart’s new bae — but he apparently got into a fight and posted a pic of the Gwinnett County Jail inmate’s tooth stuck in his hand. 

“My dad sent me this from the infirmary, he got into a fight with an inmate and is in 24 hour lockdown,” his son wrote alongside the picture. “the guy’s tooth got stuck in his hand, they are transferring him to another prison and should get bond. If not he will be in for another 90 day. He just want to thank his supporters and when he gets out he will tell his side of the story. #FREEBENZINO.”

Benzino was arrested earlier this week after he got into a physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Althea Heart’s new man.

Althea’s new man was reportedly approached by Benzino while the new couple was taking a stroll through the neighborhood. Benzino then began to harass and threaten him, TMZ reports.

When Althea and her new man tried to leave the scene in his car Benzino continued to threaten then before striking the truck multiple times with his fist. Cops told TMZ that there were two dents in the driver’s side door as a result

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