Chile Boo..Blac Chyna’s Trippie Redd Assisted 2nd Single “Cash Only”.. We The People Say… Hated It!

Word On The Curb…Blac Chyna was working on music but just a short period of time after hitting skip on her first single “Seen Her,” the Whoraaaa has released an ode to rackscalled “Cash Only” which features Trippie Redd. The title was stolen from the Queen’s “Ka$h Only” Hit!

And We Don’t Caaaaaaaaaaaare!

The visual clip for the song showcases Chyna relaxing in her Los Angeles mansion, dancing by her pool and fanning herself with wads of hundreds as she coos the song’s chorus: “I can care less bout who mad // I’m too concerned with this cash.”

Y’all listening or nawl?! 🤣

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