RECEIPTS! Saucy No Sauce’ Santana And His “Former Manager” Allegedly Scammed TS Artist

Chileeee ‘Saucy No Sauce’ “former” manager Terik Jackson allegedly out here scamming the girls for their coins hunni.

Terik Jackson
Saucy No Sauce

Before I drop these receipts and these tea’s, let me just give y’all a backdrop of what’s going on and I’ll add the teas as I go.

A TS by the name of Aaliyah Fontaine had made a remix to the don’t rush song originally made by Young T & Bugsey featuring Headie One. Well, Aaliyah tagged different labels, artists, and managers as an aspiring artist would do. One of those managers she tagged was Terik Jackson, who is known to be the manager of ‘Saucy No Sauce’ ass Santana…Well, Terik Jackson responded to Aaliyah and told her that she should grab a feature with ‘Saucy No Sauce’ ass… (look at the receipts below:)

Aaliyah Fontaine

After Terik responded to Aaliyah, she said he gave her his number, and they started talking about a contract and the feature with ‘Saucy No Sauce’ would be $1,500 with a $500 deposit. Aaliyah said she agreed and hustled up $500 and sent it to Terik via cash app after her people verified and looked over the contract.

Aaliyah said Terik wanted her to come to Atlanta and help promote the song, because ‘Saucy No Sauce’ had a music video coming out with celebrity hairstylist Cliff Vmir and he was also going to be in a video with the City Girls. She said Terik wanted to rush the project, so he could put her in front of the clout and help get the song views up…Chileeee!

Aaliyah said she and Terik talked for a few days and then he went missing. She said she sent Terik a text and called him about the beat he said he would send her so she could start writing her part of the song. (Read the messages below):

Aaliyah said after all of the back and forth with Terik and not hearing anything back from him, she said her cousin sent her a screenshot of ‘Saucy No Sauce’ Santana IG story saying that if anybody wanted to do any features with him, they needed to come directly to him. So, Aaliyah said she reached out to him and asked him if he had any knowledge of what was going on between her and Terik. ‘Saucy No Sauce’ responded that he had no knowledge of the contract, any deposits, or anything.

‘Saucy No Sauce’ told Aaliyah that he had fired Terik, and apologized about everything. He also told her that he doesn’t ask for features…so Aaliyah felt like he was coming for her because she didn’t ask for a feature either. And to keep it a band, she asked for a manager…let’s be clear.

After Aaliyah sent ‘Saucy No Sauce’ a copy of the contract he told her that it would be $1,500 for a feature with half of the deposit upfront. The remaining would be paid once he does his part of the song, send it back, and it’s agreed upon. ‘Saucy No Sauce’ told Aaliyah that there was no need for a contract and that she could just pay through a cash app. 

Aaliyah said she called Terik, he answers the phone while arguing with ‘Saucy No Santana’ mother and claims that she now has a little bit of money, and want to be his manager. Terik explained to Aaliyah that ‘Saucy No Sauce’ had signed a 3-year deal with him, and that he couldn’t just be fired and was not able to release any music without his consent. Chilllleeeeeee

Terik told Aaliyah that he was allowed to make deals and make business moves on ‘Saucy No Sauce’ behalf because he was his manager. Soo, Aaliyah said she felt like she was being played by ‘Saucy No Sauce’ because even if she did send the money to him, he wouldn’t have been able to release the song unless Terik gave him the okay to do so. (Look at the receipts below)

Still, till this day, Aaliyah hasn’t heard from Terik Jackson about her coinsss neither has she and ‘Saucy No Santana’ been on a song together. 

Aaliyah said at this point, all she wants is her money back.

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