Word On The Curb..SACRAMENTO ‘KAREN’ KNOCKED The FUCK OUT After Calling Woman N***

A “Karen” in Sacramento got her ass handed to her when she stupidly accepted a challenge to call a black woman the n-word … and it’s all on video.

The heated exchange unfolded this week at a convenience store in California’s capital, where a middle-aged white woman started arguing with the black woman   … and it quickly turned racial and violent.

It’s unclear what started the confrontation … the white woman insisted she’d only said “excuse me” — but the black woman heard something different, so tempers were already high. Then, “Karen” dropped the n-word.

The black woman promised to beat the hell outta the white woman if she used the slur again and, for some reason, “Karen” took her up on the dare and said it … loud and clear. That’s when the punches flew … haymaker after haymaker putting the racist woman down on her ass.

On social media, the black woman’s husband is claiming she was arrested for assault. We haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

The crazy scene is similar to another racist “Karen” getting slapped earlier this month inside a Phoenix gas station.

Bad as that was … the Sacramento incident is way more violent.

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