Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Romeo Miller Responds After He’s Accused of Hypocrisy

Growing Up Hip Hop” returns this month. Even though the show has been in hiatus mode, fans have had a lot to say about the drama that has taken place between Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons.

Although they appeared to have a great friendship, all of that changed recently.

Romeo now says that they were never close and he was critical of Angela while speaking to her sister Vanessa Simmons.

To no surprise, Angela was upset about this. But Romeo has refused to hash it out on the show.

Interestingly enough, a viewer recently accused Romeo of hypocrisy after he posted what they feel was a thirst trap.

Romeo Miller isn’t on the best terms with Angela Simmons. She was livid after some of the things Romeo said about her to Vanessa Simmons.

During the conversation, Romeo was critical of the photos that Angela posts on Instagram. He also criticized her dating choices and said he didn’t like the fact that Angela doesn’t respond to his bible study notes texts.

So when Romeo posted what many of his followers felt was a thirst trap on Instagram, he got accused of being a hypocrite.

In fact, one of his followers said that it’s not cool that Romeo is posting his own “thirst traps” but he criticized Angela for doing the same thing.

Romeo responded and said that the issue is shady editing

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