King Harris Responds After a Critic Slams His Rap Career

TI and Tiny Harris aren’t strangers to controversy. And the couple has made headlines often for their marriage. It has had its ups and downs. However, they were able to save their marriage after they nearly divorced. Of course, they have been open about their relationship and family life on “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.”

On the show, King Harris has been open about his budding rap career. His parents have told him that he has to take it seriously and he can’t rely on being successful just because of who his parents are.

So it’s no surprise that he responded after someone accused him of having a silver spoon in his mouth.

King Harris is serious about his budding rap career. So he’s been working hard in the studio and he’s also been touring. Despite this, some people still don’t believe he works hard enough.

One of his critics had a lot to say recently on Instagram. They accused King of having a silver spoon in his mouth and even said he’s trying to be someone he’s not. And they think this just makes him look ridiculous. They also don’t believe King can ever become successful on his own.

When King saw the comment, he responded. Check out the screenshot below.

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