Toni Braxton Poses With Her Sister, Tamar Braxton And Their Brother Michael

Toni Braxton shared a photo in which she’s together with her family. She’s with her gorgeous sister, Tamar Braxton, and their brother, Michael Braxton. He’s the only son, just in case you did not know this.

Michael Conrad Braxton Jr., the only son, was born on November 17, 1968.

Anyway, here’s the sweet photo that Toni shared on her social media account and had fans in awe.

QUALITY time with fam @tamarbraxton @mikeybraxton 💗 what y’all doin tonight? ♥️’ Toni captioned her post.

A fan answered this to Toni’s question: ‘Family time as well! My oldest daughter and her boo making dinner. My grandbaby upstairs watching tv. Pop Pop in the basement studying and I’m watching tv rubbing my feet together and playing on my phone. Lol! Great picture! Love you, ladies!!!’

One commenter said: ‘I celebrated my cousin’s birthday. I had a blast. Family time is so precious,’ and another follower posted this: ‘Spending time with loved ones also. Happy holidays Braxton family 💕✨🎄’

A fan wrote: ‘Y’all are so beautiful I love you guys @tonibraxton 😘❤️’ and someone else said: ‘Waiting for you to come back on tour so I can swing my hair and get my life 🙌🏼’

An excited fan is waiting to see some pics from Trina Braxton’s wedding: ‘Y’all look beautiful I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures of y’all and Trina 😍’

Speaking of Trina, Tamar was saying the following on her social media account a couple of days ago:

‘‘My sissy @trinabraxton1 is getting married tomorrow and this is her last night as a single fish 🐟😂 I’m so happy for her and @vonscales because they are such an AMAZING AWESOME couple ❤️Congratulations guys 🎉

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