Yea….Right! Gucci Mane was R Kelly’s ghost writer, rapper reveals

According to a new interview with OJ da Juiceman, “If you listen deep into it R Kelly singing and sh*t”.

2019 has seen R Kelly arrested on federal sex trafficking charges in Chicago, face further claims of abuse from his ex-wife and seen his ex-girlfriend Jocelyn Savage claim he made her have two abortions.

Now the R&B singer’s name has been brought up in a ghost-writing claim from rapper OJ da Juiceman, who claims fellow rapper Gucci Mane penned lyrics for R Kelly.

In an interview with CountryRapTunes, OJ da Juiceman claimed that his 2009 R Kelly collab ‘Supaman High’ actuall featured secret vocals from Gucci Mane and R Kelly’s lyrics were written by the rapper.

OJ da Juiceman explained, “Gucci wrote the hook…no, I wrote the hook. Gucci wrote R Kelly’s verse. And R Kelly kept Gucci’s ad-libs. If you listen deep into it R Kelly singing and sh*t, you’ll hear Gucci.” 

He went on to say, “The label [said] R Kelly got this record. He need a hook and a verse. The label put the call in. ‘R Kelly? Hell yeah!’ I was happy as hell to do that sh*t. Me to be a trap rapper rapping ’bout dope and sh*t? R Kelly? Got-damn, c’mon man.”

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