Lies..Lies..We Cant Believe A Word She Say .. Marlo Hampton Dishes on Her Mysterious, Made Uo Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend

No, those rumors about Marlo Hampton and Ted Turner, whom The Real Housewives of Atlanta friend was rumored to have been linked to in the past, are not true. However, Marlo confirmed that she did once date another billionaire “that ran in that circle” during her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on November 25.

So how does one get to meet a billionaire in the first place? Marlo said that the billionaire, who she did not identify by name, “watched” her for six months at her boutique in a mall in Atlanta. “So I was telling my friend, ‘This guy just sits there… It’s really freaky,'” Marlo recalled. “Valentine’s Day, he walked over and gave me a card. He said, ‘I love your work ethic.’ He said, ‘I see you come to work every day. You dress so nice.’ Gave me a Valentine’s Day card.”

And so began a five-year relationship with this mystery man, who would even go on to gift Marlo with her townhouse, which she lovingly refers to as “The Hamptons,” and give the RHOA fashionista’s mother a home as well.

Marlo confirmed that she is currently single and asked Wendy Williams to help find her a boyfriend. When Wendy told her that she “can’t” because she doesn’t date “regular guys,” Marlo said, “That’s not true. I’ve dated a thousandaire before. I love any race long as they look good, have beautiful teeth, and smell good. I just don’t want to be broke.”

When asked if she hopes to get married and have children one day, Marlo said, “You know what, I want that if that’s what god has in store for me.”

Marlo is currently taking care of her two nephews, who have been living with her for the past eight months, which she opened up about earlier this season of RHOA. “That has changed my life like, woo, no other,” Marlo shared.

Marlo previously discussed the rumors about her love life and how she makes a living during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in March. See what she had to say in the above video.

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