Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Is Dating A MUCH Younger Man!!

Kevin Hart broke up with his ex-wife Torrei nearly a decade ago, so he could be with a much younger woman – his current wife Eniko. 

Well now Torrei’s got herself a nice young thing also.

Last night Torrei, 41, revealed that she’s now dating boxer Claude Staten Jr. – who is just 31 years old. And actually, he looks even younger than that

The lovely Torrei made the announcement on Instagram. And she posted all kinds of glowing things about her new bae, it’s clear that she’s ALL THE WAY in love. 

Kevin’s ex told her man, “Thank you for your loyalty, honesty, transparency, dedication, and passion to see me thrive and win. You are a rare breed and I’m blessed to have you in me and my children’s life.”

Sounds serious – he’s in her children’s life too. All of Torrei’s kids are Kevin’s also, by the way.

Here are pics of the couple, and of Claude.

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