Tiny Harris Confirms That She Has T.I.’s Back With This Photo As Fans Slam The Rapper And Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has everyone waiting impatiently for the upcoming episode of her show, Red Table Talk, by mentioning that her next guest will be controlling rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris.

The actress appeared recently on a red carpet event that was dedicated to the promotion of the new hit drama Hala, where she talked about her series Red Table Talk.

The spouse of Will Smith stated that T.I. would be on her show indeed, and they will discuss the ongoing scandal surrounding the 39-year-old reality TV star. 

He violated his daughter Deyjah Harris’ privacy and humiliated her by talking about her hymen and virginity.

T.I. has been dealing with a huge public backlash recently after he participated in a controversial episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast.

In discussion with hostesses Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, he explained that as a concerned father, he accompanied his teenage daughter Deyjah Harris to her gynecological checkups every year and asked for regular examinations of her hymen. 


Following the massive public outcry, the episode of the podcast was removed the Web, and the hostesses issued a public apology for what has happened in their show. 

What is more, after the infamous interview, Deyjah first unfollowed her father from Instagram and a couple of days later, even deleted her social media accounts, apparently taking a break from the public scrutiny.

Pinkett Smith also explained that the next episode for her show was already done, and it will air next Monday.

Reportedly, viewers will have the opportunity to learn more about T.I. and his wife, Tiny, the struggles they had to deal with and their problems as a married couple. 

Meanwhile, Tiny is standing behind her man — she recently shared a sweet photo with the MC on the background, confirming that she has his back.

One person slammed T.I by saying: “I didn’t hear the statement, but to know that’s what he does just made me lose a lot of respect for this man. How controlling of you?! She’s a young woman, no reason why her dad should be getting reports on her hymen. Quite sick, actually. This is just crazy to me.”

This social media user said: “T. I. Brought this on himself and his daughter. Some things aren’t everyone’s business. He doesn’t need the platform to talk about this any further. Leave it alone he’s already embarrassed his daughter enough.”

Another follower shared: “Ugh, you said it. There is nothing to explain. You’re nasty and have no type of respect for her. The world didn’t need to know about her body, especially something that personal.”

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