Only BLACK artist are promoting gayness..WHITE artist don’t do this..Tyler, The Creator Talks Liking Women & Having Sex With Men

Tyler, The Creator tried to come off as apathetic to getting a Best Rap Album Grammy nomination for Igor. On Wednesday afternoon, the Odd Future founding member just tweeted, “uhhhhh, i guess.”

Fans of Tyler know he likes to troll about nearly anything, including awards shows and his sexuality. Igor garnered a lot of attention for centering around the protagonist being involved in a love triangle with a man and a woman which added to the speculation that Tyler is either gay or bisexual.

He further fed into the rumors again during a feature story for GQ. The article quotes Tyler saying, “I like girls – I just end up f*cking their brother every time.” Like with many of his comments, it’s not clear if the 28-year-old musician was joking or if there was a hint of truth to the statement.

Early in his career, Tyler was accused of promoting homophobic themes. His frequent use of “f*ggot” in his lyrics and on Twitter was met with backlash, but he insisted he was not prejudiced against the LGBT+ community. 

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