Princess Love: ‘I Want A Divorce!!’

Princess Love has live-streamed her side of the story and says that she found a whole new phone in her husband Ray J’s possession.

According to Princess, Ray J had been entertaining other women. Princess says that after his confession, they agreed to try again and make things work. They then attended Vegas for the SoulTrain awards. Princess says she was reluctant to come, and after being there for two days, he asked his wife to move to Vegas.

Princess says she turned him down flat and that Vegas is not the place “to raise your kids,” adding that there are “too many distractions,” especially since Ray allegedly likes to gamble.

She then sarcastically told him that he could move to Vegas, but she would not – and Ray J then got mad about her unwillingness to move. He then left for the night. When he returned, they got into another argument, where he called her “selfish” and even alluded to divorce.

She says that she is still staying in a hotel with their daughter and that Ray J has not tried to reach out to her and still has her blocked.

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