Two Ugly Motherfuckers..Lil Uzi Nutting In JT From The Sewer Rats…

Word On The Curb..JT from the Sewer Rats and Lil Uzi Vert is fucking.

And they’re not just fucking – they’re going to be making music together cause with out him she’s nothing so she’s willing to give her pussie up for a verse..or two..

Uzi and JT are the new not it couple. Mark my words, after he hit and try to write her a hit he’ll be gone to fuck on the next nigga…

The couple plans on making an official “coming out” press run in a few weeks, we’re told.

Last night, Lil Uzi gave us a preview of what we can expect after JT and him officially come out as a NOT IT couple.

Uzi posted a video of JT on his Instagram Live, but he quickly deleted it.

Now we know what you’re thinking – is this NOT IT couple “real” or is it just one of those “fake” celebrity relationships for press and free promotion since the Whoraaaa just got out.

Truth Is….They’re both just trying to secure the bag cause nobody REAL would ever fuck with either one of these clowns..

Alrighty then . . . 

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