Keyshia Cole Shares Photos Of Her New Baby Boy Tobias!

Last night was the premiere of Keyshia Cole’s new show “Keyshia Cole: My New Life” on BET and fans got to see Keyshia and her family prepare for the arrival of her new bundle of joy. Cameras were also present the day that she gave birth, and viewers got to see her baby boy for the first time.

The following morning Keyshia took to social media to share the photos of her baby boy and said, “I absolutely ?couldn’t wait to post these pictures. If u watched the show last night, you’ve had a chance to take the first looks.? @tobiaskhale is the sweetest baby, OMG. He’s such a little blessing, and I’m completely in love with him! The smiles he gives EVERY SINGLE Time you smile at him, Brightens the worst of days. So happy @daniel_gibsonjr has a baby brother now. ?”

Keyshia and her man Niko welcomed their little bundle of joy back in August. She first confirmed her pregnancy in May as she and Niko posed for photos during a visit to Catalina Island.

During a recent interview with Nick Cannon, he referred to Keyshia as Niko’s elder seeing as how there is a 15 year age difference between the two. However, Keyshia was quick to let him know that she is not Niko’s elder. She said, “I am not his f*ckin’ elder. No. Mariah’s your elder. I am not his elder.”

Nick acknowledged that when he and Mariah were together that she was his elder and said, “There was nothing wrong with being a younger man that was molded and shaped by someone who was older.

Nonetheless, there were no hard feelings following that interview and Nick was actually the first guest on Keyshia’s new talk show on Fox Soul.

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